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List Building 101

Why should I spend time building an email list, when what I really need is customers, clients and income!
Is email marketing really worth my time?
Shouldn't I be spending my time on social media gaining followers?
Why do I need to do this?  

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The best part about owning an online business is that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself... You don't have to do it all alone. The BFF's Society was create for those of us who want a community of JV partnerships. Plus a plan, build, launch model that we can all do together. After all...  

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Why All In One Platforms?

If you want an online business that runs smoothly, then there are certain online tools that are must have's. Like a CRM/email service provider, a pay cart, landing pages, website, a place to hold your video's, courses and copy...

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Online Business  should be fun! 

Easy, Simple & Scaleable
Here's how...
- With Rapid Results Marketing Plan
- Focusing On List Building
- Creating an Evergreen Launch Model
- Having BFF's and me, LaFaye by your side.

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A Few Words From Some Of Our BFF's Society Members

Rev. Melodie Boone

"I have sketched out my ENTIRE SIGNATURE SYSTEM, using LaFaye's Signature Course Templates... I have a STRONG strategy to launch from...THIS IS SO EXCITING! HALLELUJAH!

 Jenny Collinson

"The Marketing M.A.P. framework is so crucial to setting up a business - from the big picture overview to the quarterly, monthly, and daily. I am feeling much more confident and now have direction to be able to move forward."

Melesha Bailey

"I can’t say enough about LaFaye. She’s so amazing. Thank you for helping me put the pieces of my business together is such a clear and concise way. I wouldn’t be having the success I’m having without your guidance."

 Let's Optimize Your Time 
While Automating Your Profits !

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Email List From Scratch

Achieve your business goals!
Make your first priority an email list that's growing daily. This way you'll be consistently nurturing cold prospects into raving fans and potential buyers! 
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BFF's Society

GAIN access our members only BFF's mentorship group for Less Than a dollar per day! Make friends, find guest experts, or choose to be a guest on Podcasts, Giveaways, Magazines, Blogs and more! Isn't it time to grow your business with JV Partnerships?

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Leverage Your Launch

My #1 Resource, With thousands of downloads! This quick guide to launching, is sure to please... So, go ahead and grab this essential mini course. While It's Still FREE!

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What can you expect from The BFF's Society?

Not being alone... Plus, the more fun you have, the more motivated you will be. Remember no matter where you are in your business, you can count on the fact that you and/or your team need to master these five things... (Ps. you don't have to do it alone!)

Plan & Build

Marketing Funnels are pivotal to the success of a business! Even the best laid out intentions and course can fail if this step is skip over!
So, we need to know how to Attract, Excite, Retain and Optimize Lead Generation in order to be successful.

Launch & Deliver

Honestly launching can be exhausting! The whole build it as you go, isn't realistic for solo-entrepreneurs! It's down right impossible to get it everything done, while looking after a house, family & clients! Imagine having an evergreen funnel & delivery system on auto-pilot? One that was working for you 24/7. So that Life can become fun again! 


Automation is one of the best and most reliable methods you can use to scale a business! But In order to guide prospective customers through the process of making a purchases with you... you need to understand your customers journey.
... and yes, We All Want More Customers.. Right?

BFF's = Real Community 
and One Happy Business

I didn't start an online business to work more, have less time and little to no money...
... and I'm sure you didn't either!
The dream was to get our time back, while making passive income to build our dream home on family owned farm land and create a self-sufficient estate where we were growing organic food.
I know you have a dream too!
The BFF's Society is waiting to meet you, and hear all about it! We want to help you Fund your dreams!

Trainings & Community

$25/monthly or $99. per year

Training Vault and Community Help At Your Finger Tips 24/7

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Funnel Magic 
  • List Building Essentials
  • Offers & Pricing Guides
  • Evergreen Website  
  • Weekly Live call
  • Monthly VIP Q&A 
  • JV opportunities
  • Lead Gen Giveaway
  • AND So Much More...
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Being a solo-entrepreneur is tough! I know you didn't start your business to work more hours for less pay.
Yet, that's exactly what 90% of new business owners are doing. They're struggling with sleepless nights wondering when those sales are going to start rolling in. Maybe you're one of them?

I trust my BFF's Society & process so much... that I'm giving people like you a BIG OUT! This means you can join as a monthly member! Yup that's right, So, if at anytime you don't think this program is worth it, you can stop paying me... just quit! No questions asked. The link to quit is even in your very own dashboard!!!

This doesn't mean I don't care! For those of you who really want help growing your email list, to build that rapport, develop mutual trust, have friendships and BFF's that are Joint Venture Partners... I have something super special for you too! For a limited time, we have a special offer... If you go all in and pay for 4 months you'll get 8 FREE !!! Plus... You will be grandfathered in at this yearly price! which will never go up!!! As long as you stay an active member.
As a yearly member you'll also get to participate in our annual December Advent Calendar. It's a list building event, to help you grow your email list.

I want make sure we are all happy and living up to each others expectations. Besides Where else can you get that kind of Value or Guarantee? Honestly, I can tell you.... NO WHERE, that I've ever seen! 

I was once in a mastermind for $2000 per month, and we didn't get this kind of value or support. Maybe you have seen this or been too. I want The BFF's Society to turn internet marketing upside down and inside out. Showing people that integrity, value and honest offer's are back! 

A Few More Success Stories...

Amy M McNaughton

"I'm excited about getting more organized and having more structure in my business.
Thank you, LaFaye Pye for simplifying things"

Doresa Ibrahim
I asked for help with visibility and LaFaye Pye directed me to a giveaway. I think it ended on Sunday. Today we closed a client from the giveaway for $20k for my new 6 week program.
Helen Vandenberghe 

"Loving the Marketing Map live event with LaFaye tonight ! It’s 1am in the morning for me here in the UK and it’s been well worth staying up for!"

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One Happy Business and the BFF's Society is all about getting your business moving in the right direction.
So that you can have more fun, freedom and finances in your life to do the things that are most important to you. Like spending time with Family, friends and eating fine foods.
Come join us, learn some new list building skills, and have fun doing it!. 

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