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How Websites Can Attract or Repel Clients

Sep 01, 2021

When we design the layout of those main pages on our websites. We need to be thinking strategically. After all, it's not just about what we think looks right, or about what others do.

Our websites requires planning and strategic thinking.

If we have one end goal in mind, then everything can change - for the better!
If you follow this advice...
You'll not only make your website more effective, you'll see better results all around.

There is no better time then now to strategically plan your website.
That is...  if... you want more engagement, a bigger list and higher sales conversions!

1)  Start with what you want.
What is that #1 Goal you have in Mind?

To strategically design a website, start with this "end goal" and keep it top of mind.
Think about what specific action you want your website visitor to take? 
* Then make it easy for that website visitor to see and want that very actionable step.

Examples include:

  •  Purchasing a product
  •  Purchase a service
  •  Sign up for a download
  •  Spend time consuming content (reading & learning)
  •  Become a JV (joint venture) partner
  •  Apply for a job
  •  Schedule an appointment or call
  •  Donating to a charity 
  •  Invest time or money in your business
  •  Enter a sales funnel
  •  Join your membership
  •  Contributing content 

Once you decide on the specific outcome that you want. Take action and allow that goal to become the guiding force for all of your website content and planning moving forward.


2) Focused Content

Strategic content and focused design involves making your website a highly focused one.
After all, you don't want what's on those's pages or the design elements to get in the way. Distracting those website visitors from the main goal you've set. Right?
* Each page or element needs to have a specific purpose in aiding you toward that goal.

For example,
... What would happen if you created a resources page for this website?
Well, if the page is full of external links, that are very interesting. That would most likely lead the visitor off your site. Maybe, to never coming back again.

But, if your goal is to provide relative content. 
And those links are affiliate resource tools, that are highly engaging. Then the visitor reading may want to book your website as a highly value resource on it's own and/or you may make an affiliate commission. So is this an on-site page you should have has part of your strategy, or is it an element you should get rid of?

If you want to understand what makes a focused webpage, look at a good landing page, or a great sales page. A landing page has a single goal, which is usually to get the visitor to sign up for an email list. On a great sales page, there's no element that doesn't have a purpose to lead the visitor down the page to that offer stack and buy-button.


3) What about Branding?
What is the impression you are leaving behind - in that visitors mind ?

Yes, you should be focused on the action you want your visitor to take on your site. But, you also need to be thinking about the impression you're leaving in their mind. Will they be thinking about you or your website after they leave it?
Branding is an extremely important when it comes to strategically planning a website.

Big brands pay millions, even billions on marketing and branding.
Yet, it is the most over-looked and under-valued component of new business owners.
It creates the difference between amateur looking and professional websites.

Think about it....
Have you ever been to someones website and though...
"This is weird, I don't think I should be here, this isn't for me, it doesn't feel right." 

Now, when someone first hits your site, it should be immediately clear...
 - who you are
 - what you do
 - what your core values are
 - and where they can get more

Everything on your website, each page and their links should be in harmony with this.

If your website does this successfully, then after the visitor leaves your site, they will have a clear idea of your brand.

* The next most important consideration (that we haven't talked about yet) is what pages to include or not include on your website.
Planning out your website's pages, its navigation, structure and branding, while keeping the end goal in mind.... is coming up next!

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