Who is this woman?
Legend, Myth or Master Marketer?

LaFaye is a Certified Master Marketer with Happy Clients Worldwide.

She's Extremely passionate about helping women set up passive income streams. So that they can save their time and energy to spend more attention where it counts... on family, friends and uplifting the energy frequency of this planet and it's people.

Hello, I'm LaFaye Pye.


I've been helping women online, in one form or another since 2014.

Because I'm extremely passionate about personal service and real life connections I've been lucky to meet, connect and serve amazing women who inspire me to do and be more. 

But, I've also hit many road bumps along the way, some that derailed for months at a time...

My Story


My first online business was called "The Raw Food Pantry". I had officially started cooking in restaurants when I was only 15. At 11 a few of us girls had been ushered down into the basement to haul strawberries. Lol,
I loved it!  

But because everything was so new.
It didn't take long before I was getting clients asking me "how"
- how did I create my recipe books
- how was I creating my video's
- how was I selling my courses
- how did I have a 65% email open rate. 

... and this is how the "Business Builders Lab Membership" was born. 
It was moving along so well, I decided to do what everyone big guru says to do...
Hire a team! Which, I did.

I chose an agency that would have 7 people in very distinct area's helping me. 
- a PR person to get me more interviews
- a ads person
- a graphic designer
- a social media expert.
- 2 coaches (them) and
- My own personal team leader

To make a long story short... It was a big flop!
I had to put in double the hours, as they didn't do the work. And even worse... what they did do was so bad that it didn't convert. 
I lost ten's of thousands of dollars, a year of my time and my business tanked.
It was a horrible nightmare, that I couldn't wake up from.
I would go as far as to say it was even traumatic. 

I was exhausted, overwhelmed, scared and for the very first time ever,
I h.a.t.e.d. my business, It had become something I never wanted,
a 80 hour work week!

I wondered...
"I'm I going to have to go back to work?
Get a job just to pay off my debt?
G.o.d. what have I done to myself and my family?"

During that time, I found myself saying, over and over again....
"I just want one happy business."

As scary as it was I chose not to give into the fear... I chose to get up each day and keep working, keep simplifying and keep moving towards my one happy business.

... and here we are today, living on 22 acre's with my family and horses. About to move into our dream home (which is one of a kind - I designed it myself). 

This is want I want for you too...
- to start living your dream life TODAY!
- to be debt free ASAP
- to have more time with your family, friends and furry companions. 
- to be full of peace, joy and love as you follow your spiritual journey
- AND of course.... to have "One Happy Business"

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